paktaş bina

We as Paktaş Platform A.Ş., our vision is always Human!

The power of this vision is to create a culture of occupational safety in every job, prevent accidents and injuries, increase workforce efficiency and reduce costs. Unfortunately, thousands of people are injured or die every year due to equipment and construction equipment accidents.

According to researchers, most of these accidents are caused by operator errors. Of course, using a machine that operators don't recognize is a huge risk. We take a look at the research data on this issue in order to eliminate all the negativities that this situation will cause. When we examine the research data, operators are provided with practical, theoretical, operator and maintenance training for each machine delivery to minimize potential risks to even zero.

A certificate of achievement is given to each operator receiving training. As a result of operator training received in theory and in practice;

         Work accidents are decreasing

         Machine usage efficiency increases

         Machine service life is extended

         Cost of use decreases.

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